Leaf Spring Fork by Cannonball

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Leaf Spring Fork by Cannonball.  Inline.

Sold by W&W Cycles in Germany
Made in Italy
Quality reproduction to be used on a BT Harley frame

2-3 weeks for delivery

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Leaf spring fork »Inline« by Cannonball; for 4-speed Big Twin frames 1936-1984; steel, bare; length: 53 cm; rake: 0 °; certified by TÜV; Italy; gross weight: 14.78 kg

The retro custom bike builder scene sometimes likes to experiment with parts of different brands on the same bike project. For example Indian parts are installed on Harleys and vice versa, with often astonishing results. Among the most positive mergings was the combination of an Indian leaf-spring fork with an H-D Big Twin rigid frame. This type of fork was used by the Wigwam in the 1910 to 1945 period which proves that this was a very successful suspension principle with excellent driving chracteristics.

Of course, the stock item doesn´t fit a Harley frame without major alterations, so W&W decided to produce its own version which allows such an installation without many difficulties. But, of course, not another quick and dirty copy with ugly welding seams and wrong rocker geometry. The Cannonball fork is a professionaly made part with a design as close as possible to its original pattern, manufactured by expert craftsmen in Italy. The first complete prototype was rigorously tested during W&W’s winter tour in Northern Canada and after that sent to the German TUV for a certificate of stability (included). Both tests were passed without any flaws. After that production started.

All test rides were performed with a rigid frame, 30° neck chassis, with which both handling and braking characteristics proved well balanced and stable.

The Cannonball leaf spring fork features a fork stem with two Ø1” bearing seats for the use of 1949-up Timken bearings and leg tops to accept the 36-up Springer handlebars (inline). A horizontal bracket to mount the headlamp is also there. The fork is wide enough to accept disc brake or drum brake systems. Rockers are drilled for 17 mm axles but can be enlarged to 19 mm. Neither axle, spacers nor brake are included and must be purchased or fabricated separately. Each fork is shipped preassembled to insure proper function and fitment, however, all components are bare and require painting or plating.


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